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Name: S
Age: 16
Sex: F
Height: 5'4"
Current Weight: 130
Goal Weight: 115 (short-term goal)
Photo of yourself:
Other: I reached 124 over the summer but for some reason I gained a lot of weight, and then recently I've started to gain even more weight, I'm thinking it's because I'm going to start my period on Saturday.. I have no idea.

I have a question: I really am not sure why, but after I run or exercise I don't look thinner, I look bigger.. like everything on my body becomes all bloated. Why? I run almost everyday, I can't run on Tues & Thurs because I'm busy and by the time I get home it's too dark. So on Mondays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Fridays I run 40 minutes straight; when I stop to walk, the clock stops. But i dont know, it just feels like I'm getting bigger rather than losing weight like I want to. And I'm not one of those people that say "well I ran today so I can eat more.." I don't eat more when I exercise more. if anything, i eat less.

another question: what are your ratings on plain yogurt? and what are good protein drinks because I don't eat much meat, only chicken and tuna really

I'm trying to keep my identity as secretive as possible, I really hope that's not a problem...

I'm going to try out this diet and then post my results and pictures when I feel comfortable.. and, I'm here for support and I'm really hoping to get some support from the rest of you all in the community :]
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