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hey all,

i'm new and i'm looking forward to taking part in this community :)
Name: Amy
Age: 20
Location: Australia
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Current Weight: 89 pounds
Goal Weight: undecided
Photo of yourself: i dont have access to a camera at the moment
Other: i know i'm underweight so i dont need to be told i'm here to start eating the right way and get my life back on track so i would appreciate your support :)

Anyway thats a bit about me, i look forward to getting to know you all

love amy
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I don't know if support should be given to you. If it was healthy I would say go ahead and good luck to you, but right now you are severely underweight. This is damaging to your health and can lead to death eventually. :( I'm sorry, but the only way I will support you is if that number rises instead of trying to make it go down even further. :)
i'm not trying to lose more weight im trying to start eating the right way and as far as i can see this diet/lifestyle is healthy and its a good place to start, i'm sorry you dont feel like you can support me but maybe if you just gave me a chance you will see im trying to do the right thing
welcome:D glad to see you here.

this diet is more of a lifestyle. It can be used through the rest of yoru life, and will stream line your diet and put your body at its healthiest weight, if you do it correctly!

So good luck!
thankyou so much for your support, i cant wait to get started :)
i'm here to start eating the right way

If so you should be trying to gain not loose as you are very underweight.
i am trying to gain weight - i'm trying to tone up and gain muscle mass - my goal weight was 85 and i havent thought of a new one yet so i just put that, i have no intention of losing anymore weight :)
My problem was that your goal weight wasn't something was lower. That isn't trying to better your situation, but make it worse. You can be healthy on this diet and can lead a healthier life if you try. I will support you on that. If you ever need to talk then post and I for one will help you out. I hope you do realize that maybe this sort of lifestyle will help you become better at eating. :)
yeah i do realise that now, like i said that was my old goal weight and i hadnt thought of a new one so i just posted that but i can see how stupid that must of looked me saying i wanna eat better but putting a lower goal weight!! anywayz thanks for your comments and i look forward to hearing ur feedback of my new way of life - i cant wait to get started on eating healthy :)