pixelatedtrash (pixelatedtrash) wrote in thinchallenge,

Drinks and staying hydrated

As we all know, drinking and staying hydrated is hella important for your weightloss and health! But, as we all also know water tastes boring. I think we need a list of low fat/sugar/whatever drinks that have additatives to help you stay hydrated that dont taste boring. That should include hot and cold drinks.

There are alot of drinks other than water that give you awesome nutrients but dont have any effect of weight with sugar and preservatives/additives and stuff. I want to make a list for future refrence.
If you have a drink you like or a recepie or something you do to make your drinks more tasty but non fattenting, post and we can make a list. Please though if you recommend a drink find a link or post the details with the info about WHY its good for you/list of ingredients, sugar count and all that so we know what we are drinking. Personal experiences are good too! No one wants drinks to be boring!

♥ Tea in general! Just dont ad sugar/cream/milk. Some teas like green tea have other great benifits. *green tea info*

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